Top 7 Best Vacuum Sealers Cook’s Illustrated & America’s Test Kitchen

                by Joost Nusselder | Updated:  February 4, 2021
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Back in the days, food storage was not much of a concern. However, with the current busy lifestyle, cooking gurus are often left with no choice – except to resort to this method. When it comes to food preservation, one common problem is that dishes often lose their original flavor – or even develop bacteria after being put in a freezer for a while. To counteract this, a vacuum sealers is one of your best bets.

Best Vacuum Sealers
Vacuum Sealer

For those who are looking for the best vacuum sealer America’s Test Kitchen, we’ve got you covered. Below, you will find a list of the top 7 picks – each comes with a full analysis of their features.

Cook’s Illustrated & America’s Test Kitchen Best Vacuum Sealers Review

#1. America’s Test Kitchen: NutriChef Automatic Vacuum Sealer

Best Vacuum Sealers Cook’s Illustrated & America’s Test Kitchen
NutriChef Vacuum Sealer

NutriChef Vacuum Sealer is definitely a great pick for hunters in search of a high-quality, yet reasonably priced product – it comes with an automatic power plug, central control, touch-sensitive buttons and a convenient LED indicator, all of which contributes to a much more relaxing cooking experience. There are two modes for users to choose from – including a dry one for solid foods, and a moist one for steamed foods; this makes sure that whatever dishes you plan to prepare for your family are no problem at all.

Compared to conventional bags, NutriChef sealer is 5 times better in terms of bacterial prevention. For long term food storage, this is one of the best vacuum sealers. In addition to the vacuum sealer and air straw, the set also includes a wine cork, 5 vacuum bags and 1 reusable vacuum bag roll.



#2. FoodSaver FM5200 2 in 1 Automatic Vacuum Sealer

Best Vacuum Sealers Cook’s Illustrated & America’s Test Kitchen
FoodSaver FM5200

Another amazing pick in terms of food storage! With the capability to keep foods fresh for up to 3 years, FM5200 definitely deserves a high-ranking position in the best vacuum sealer list. What’s more – the product comes with a bonus heat-sealing bar, which is capable of immediately preparing bags and making the bag-making process significantly simpler.

The transparent window allows users to properly seal – as well as know when to change the roll. Not to mention, a LED indicator is available, so you may better keep track of the heat. Thanks to the dual seal strips, you can be rest assured that foods will be kept in a completely safe, impenetrable environment. Last but not least, FM5200 is designed to react to changes in moisture and changes mode accordingly.



#3. Foodsaver FSFSSL2244-000 V2244 Vacuum Sealer

Best Vacuum Sealers Cook’s Illustrated & America’s Test Kitchen
Foodsaver FSFSSL2244-000 V2244

Just like FM5200, V2244 is capable of preserving food for up to 3 years – and still retaining the original freshness. The whole thing comes with a special bag design, which results in the ability to store food up to 5 times longer than conventional storage bags.

V2244 features a LED indicator for new users to better get used to the sealing process. Unlike many other sealers, this one does not need as many modes of operation. In fact, its patented drip tray will automatically detect overflow liquid.

As an ETL / UL certified product that meets strict international safety standards, V2244 is definitely one of the best vacuum cleaners you can invest in. The full set includes a seal roll, 5 seal bags, as well as 1 accessory hose.



#4. KOIOS 80Kpa Automatic Vacuum Sealer

Best Vacuum Sealers Cook’s Illustrated & America’s Test Kitchen

If you think FM5200 and V2244 are impressive enough for long-term food storage, wait until you get your hands on KOIOS vacuum sealer. With the ability to retain food freshness for up to 7 years, this one is definitely worth the investment – especially if you live in a larger family that needs to frequently stock up on food.

Another key selling point is the amazing heat resistance – which, thanks to the featured mica sheet at the bottom pad, is capable of reaching as high as 3000F. On busier days when you need to package a bunch of foods, this vacuum sealer is capable of sealing 40 times continuously. With an extra sealing wire (up to 11.8 inches), users can deal with numerous packages at the same time for maximum efficiency.



#5. Mueller Automatic Vacuum Sealer

Best Vacuum Sealers Cook’s Illustrated & America’s Test Kitchen

Mueller vacuum sealer comes with an automatic electric plug – in combination with a control center, touch-sensitive buttons, as well as a LED indicator. All of these should provide you with everything necessary for a convenient food preparation experience. With 2 modes – dry and wet – to choose from, you can easily adjust the setting as you deem essential for different types of food.

As one of the best vacuum sealers, Mueller is subjected to rigorous quality-testing before release. The product is capable of preserving food for 5 times longer than traditional storage bags. In addition to the sealer and suction hose, the package also includes 5 vacuum bags, 1 bag roll – both of which are water-resistant and reusable.



#6. The Best Countertop Vacuum Sealer: NESCO VS-12 Vacuum Sealer

Best Vacuum Sealers Cook’s Illustrated & America’s Test Kitchen

NESCO VS-12 is even more versatile compared to the above-mentioned picks. It is designed with 3 sealing settings – particularly, moist, dry, and double. Not to mention, in terms of vacuum pressure, you can either choose to go with the Regular or Gentle option depending on the type of food that needs to be preserved. For softer ones, the Gentle option should prove to work wonders.

The vacuum sealer has everything necessary to make the sealing process as convenient as possible – including a bag cutter and a roll storing compartment.  It has enough space to store a width bag as wide as 11.8 inches. Thanks to the double-heat sealing, foods should be kept completely secure from outer environmental damage.



#7. The Best Handheld Vacuum Sealer: Gourmia GVS9945 Vacuum Sealer

Best Vacuum Sealers Cook’s Illustrated & America’s Test Kitchen
Gourmia GVS9945 Vacuum Sealer

Let’s move on to the last – but not least – pick in this best vacuum sealer list. Gourmia GVS9945 is the perfect vacuum sealer for sous vide cooking – which is the perfect method if you want to prepare flavor-rich dishes. Whether it is for meat processing, for fish, for salmon or whatever, this one should deliver the optimum cooking results – in a very convenient and user-friendly way.

Aside from the sealer, the whole set also contains 5 reusable bags, 1 sealing and 2 cooking clips – all of which are made from high-qualtiy, BPA-free plastic. This ensures that there is no risk for your family’s health – as well as no long-term damage to the environment. What’s more, the bags are reusable, and they are all perfectly sized for carrying around on trips and picnics.



How to choose the best vacuum sealer

Vacuum sealers are often divided into 2 types: Chamber (Commercial) and External. The former are generally created for – obviously – commercial uses – while the latter is usually for household use. Before making a purchase, consider your sealing frequency first. If you don’t need to do it too frequently, a chamber sealer is not necessary – rather, just stick to a hand-held one. On the other hand, if you need to vacuum seal on a daily basis, you may want to change your choice accordingly.

Other factors that also need to be taken into consideration include

From the analysis above, you should be able to figure out which option best serves your purpose.


1. Why should I consider buying a vacuum sealer?

Food preservation is not the only reason for you to consider vacuum sealing. In fact, there are many other perks that will surely tempt you to do so:

2. Do all vacuum sealers use the same bags?

It is a common misconception that all vacuum sealers are suitable for sealing all types of foods and household stuffs. The truth is – such universal compatibility is non-existent. Please read the instructions to find out if the bags are compatible with the sealer.

3. What types of food are suitable for vacuum sealing?

Whether it is for meat processing, for fish, for salmon or whatever, using vacuum sealers is always a worthy choice. However, there are a few exceptions – for example, vacuum sealing is generally not recommended for mushrooms, garlic, as well as some types of cheeses. The reason is that such foods often have anaerobic bacteria – these are known to thrive when living in environments such as vacuum pouches.

On the other hand, vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, etc. should be blanched before vacuum sealing – so as to slow down the production of decaying enzymes.

Use vacuum sealer machine



Vacuum sealing has become a hot trend for cooking gurus these days – especially for busier ones who can’t afford to spend too much time on shopping and preparing meals. There are numerous benefits when it comes to vacuum sealing – that’s why we’ve compiled this list to help you choose the best vacuum sealer that fits your needs and budget.

All of the 7 picks above are chosen based on previous buying and testing experience. As long as you study their features carefully, we’re sure you should be able to figure out which to invest in.

Wish you the best of luck on your journey to cooking perfection!

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